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What We Offer

Our services provide a way for Physicians Group Practices (PGP), Pathology Laboratories and Training Centers to warehouse their supplies. Requests for supplies are processed and delivered in a more economic fashion. Storage space, as well as time to place orders with multiple vendors, can be very limited. Tracking supplies used throughout the year for financial and budgetary reasons, negotiating pricing with vendors, and distribution can be time consuming. MLSS takes on these tasks.


Orders are sent via fax or email to MLSS to be processed and shipped, or couriered, to the appropriate practice location. All orders are confirmed and forwarded to your Accounting Department for easy match up. Monthly Reports are forwarded to the appropriate people which is invaluable, as it allows a more for viewing of the totals for each individual location. This report is invaluable, as it provides an overview of the usage for each location. Adjustments can easily be made, where necessary.