We understand that different practices have different medical supply needs, and our wide array of products have got you covered!

Med-Labs provides quality medical supplies to a broad range of clients and industries, including but not limited to:

  • Local Clinics
  • Phlebotomy & Medical Assistant Training Centers
  • Pathology Labs
  • Physicians Offices
  • Home Health Aids (protective wear - Lab coats, gloves, booties, eyewear)
  • Dental Offices (protective wear)
  • Veterinary Clinics (protective wear)
  • Tattoo Shops (gauze and gloves, antibiotic cream pkts)
  • Nail Salons (cotton balls and gloves)
  • Science Centers (Protective Wear)
  • Summer Camps (Protective Wear)
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Products Including But Not Limited To:

Specimen Transport: Biohazard Bags in various sizes, Formalin Jars, Specimen Containers with click lids, Urine Containers

Protective Wear: Gloves, Labcoats, Face Masks, Booties

Others: Absorbent Liners, Waste Mgmt Systems,Clean Room Mats, Coverslipping Film, Deionized Water, Stain Remover, Formaldehyde Neutralizing Pads, Formalin…and much more!