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Med-Lab Supply Solutions (MLSS) offers solutions, services and supplies based on the specific needs of your Practice, Pathology Lab, or Training Facility. MLSS will warehouse the supplies you need and distribute them to your facility, or facilities, as needed. This is an invaluable service, as space can be very limited in a Practice, Path Lab or Training Center. Warehousing your products, and ordering them as needed, saves on time as well.

Consistency within any practice, group or training center is essential. You will receive a customized order form for each location, which will include the products that you have selected. All products will require approval before being added to an order form to ensure your locations are receiving the products tailored to your needs. Order forms are sent directly to MLSS Customer Service. All requests are processed and delivered in a timely, economic fashion. Tracking supplies throughout the year for financial/budgetary reasons, and negotiating pricing with vendors is time consuming. MLSS takes on these tasks.

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Services Provided

Our services provide a way for Physicians Group Practices (PGP), Pathology Laboratories and Training Centers to warehouse their supplies. Requests for supplies are processed and delivered in a more economic fashion. Storage space, as well as time to place orders with multiple vendors, can be very limited. Tracking supplies... More

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Why Choose MLSS?

It is especially beneficial for physicians, practice managers, lab managers, and training managers, to be able to choose the appropriate supplies used in each practice/facility, for consistency within the group. Ordering your own pre-approved supplies from MLSS, allows the staff to know they are getting what they need for specimen... More

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The MLSS Difference

MLSS is set apart from other medical supply companies in that this is a niche environment. Whether you have a single location, or many locations, you have specific needs and consistency is necessary. MLSS takes the stress out of managing your office or facility, especially when there are multiple locations that may... More

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